The Great Lakes Center for Youth Development has established the Young Artist's Art Gallery to highlight area children's art and creativity. One of the 40 Developmental Assets is "Creative Activities." According to the 2010 Profiles of Student Life: Attitudes and Behaviors survey, only 18 percent of 8th, 10th, and 12th graders in Marquette and Alger Counties spend three or more hours a week in lessons or practice in music, theater or other arts. This gallery reinforces the importance of art expression and exposure to art for young people.

Check out the school displays listed here on our web site. See the great work that kids are doing as they express themselves &
                                       explore a variety of art mediums.

Lakeview Elementary School

Mrs. Linnea Gustafson's students, grade 3-5:

Click on an image below to view the larger version...

Ceramic Coil Pots

Ashley 4th

Emma 5th

John 4th

Kestin 5th

Lauren 5th

May 5th

Preston 5th

Tanner 5th

Roy Lichtenstein Inspired Pop Art

Davin 5th

Eric 5th

Grace 4th

Katrina 5th

Larissa 4th

Madison 5th

Max 5th

Skylar 5th

Vincent Van Gogh Inspired Starry Night

Colton 3rd

Kaylee 3rd

Lauryn 3rd

Maddie 3rd

Madison 3rd

Monica 3rd

Samantha 3rd

Tessa 3rd

Westwood High School

Mrs. Cat Lange's students, grade 9-12:

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Abstract Style of Georgia O’keeffe

Cortnee 10th

Haylee 11th

Shoshanna 12th

T'nia 9th

Art Nouveau Style of Gustav Klimt

Haylee 11th

Maiya 12th

Shoshanna 12th

T'nia 9th

Complementary Color

Annie 10th

Cortnee 10th

Shoshanna 12th

Tints, Tones, Shades

Brooke 12th

Elli 10th

Maiya 12th


Camoflauged Magazine Strip

Pop Art Style of Andy Warhol

Annie 10th

Maiya 12th

Allison 9th


Superior Hills Elementary School

Ms. Jenny Frein's students, grade - Kindergarten, 2nd and 3rd:

Click on an image below to view the larger version...

Brayden 2nd

Caleb 2nd

Elana 2nd

Gavin Kindergarten

Jayden Kindergarten

Keerin Kindergarten

Logan 2nd

Meghan 2nd

Melodee 2nd

Halle 3rd

Katelyn 3rd








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